Why Can’t I Signup for BenchWorks?

Hi everyone! Well, this going to be quite a blog post…

First off, I wanted to take a second to thank all of you out there that have helped make BenchWorks into something that is actively helping artists every single day. As you all know, running your own 1 or 2 person business is a hard path to walk at times, and anything to make that path easier feels deeply worth doing.

What you may not know (though I imagine some of you may have guessed by now 😉 ) is that here at BenchWorks we’re a small business too. In fact, we aren’t even a “we”, really. The entire BenchWorks team, including all the design and engineering and support and marketing and everything else is just me, Robby, that guy who answers all your support emails. It’s been an incredible pleasure getting to build and evangelize BenchWorks for this community, but it’s come at a cost. I have a day job, which is what allows me to keep the BenchWorks price so low, and as the number of BenchWorks users, support questions, and feature requests continues to grow, it’s becoming harder and harder to provide the level of quality and service that BenchWorks users deserve. A level of quality I am not willing to sacrifice.

In order to continue to provide that level of service, I’ve decided to do something a little drastic: I am no longer accepting new user signups until I am confident that I can grow BenchWorks the right, responsible way. I don’t know how long that will be, but it could mean months or even years. No one’s existing accounts will be affected, but that does mean you can’t create a new account. If you want to be notified when BenchWorks signups turn back on, just get on our waiting list here.

Thanks for listening, and I apologize to all the folks who were excited to try BW out. I’m trying to serve the community in the best way I can, and I believe this is it. Thanks again for being involved, and Happy BenchWorking!


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