Welcome to BenchWorks!

Hi everyone, we’re BenchWorks.

We believe in helping artists and makers earn a living doing what they love. To make more money, to save more time, and to spend less energy on frustrating administrative work.

We build simple, powerful, affordable tools for things like:

  • order and production management
  • inventory and consignment tracking
  • easy line sheet generation
  • invoicing and shipping
  • account and contact management
  • pricing
  • and reporting

We believe in the maker movement, and we know you have different needs than other small businesses. That’s why BenchWorks is built from the ground-up for artists and makers. It’s simple, easy to use, and only costs $10/mo. It’s super quick to setup, and it makes handling exceptions and surprises easy and safe.

Most importantly, we care about our customers. We love getting feedback, and we are constantly improving the BenchWorks experience. We answer questions and help solve problems, we even offer advice and occasional commiseration.

So give us a closer look. Our features page has a lot more detail on what our product can do, and you can sign up for a 30-day free trial any time. If you ever have any questions, just email us. We think BenchWorks can help your business, and we want you to prove us right.

Happy BenchWorking!

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